Message from the executive director

Taste of Thrive

I am so excited and SO wanting each of you to register for the Taste of Thrive event coming next week. As you know, it has had some hiccups along the way! We originally booked a four day Seminar in St. Catherine’s with Anne Halley. Then Covid came (and stayed like an unwelcome skunk under a back deck!!!).

However, Anne’s heart and message is a message I believe we NEED. As God’s people, as leaders, counsellors, teachers, parents or friends, we need to learn more about how to truly reach the sacred and scarred places within ourselves and one another. We need to understand how God made the brain to connect to others and how vital that connection is to our health.

Are you looking for more equipping and a way to connect with your Healing Care peers?

Check out this flyer with some information on two half-day workshops, presented by Healing Care Canada president, Liz Honeyford, and find food for your soul. If you are involved as a Healing Care Group caregiver/facilitator or intercessor or are considering it for the future, this training is life-giving!

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I am VERY excited to let you know what is happening in the Niagara Region April 29 to May 2 at Northend Church, St Catharines.  Dr Anne Halley will be HERE!!!!

We would love to have you join us for this unique time of teaching and ministry.  Anne’s compassion, coupled with her expertise in the area of brain disorders, PTSD, attachment, anxiety and addiction are what make her a unique presenter.

A very significant call to save the date! Born to Thrive: Love, Healing & Development with Dr. Anne Halley, April 29th-May 2nd. Registration opens February 1st.

A hope-filled message from Liz!

Hey All!  Well, the summer is more than half-way through and I am having mixed emotions about that!!!

No matter what this fall brings (rain or cold, brrrr), we’ll have the perfect chance to hang out together at November’s Awakening Seminar in Toronto!  You can still register at an Early Bird price of $450 – CANADIAN (yes!).

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Don't Miss Out on our Extra Early Bird Special for the upcoming Awakening Seminar!

Summer is finally here!  Before you put on your sunglasses and head off to the beach, you might want to save your space in November’s Awakening seminar ($50 off before June 30.)

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What an Amazing Formational Prayer Seminar!

Last week many of us attended the Formational Prayer Seminar in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was, as always, a week that I can only describe as“Narnia”. What do I mean by that? If you went to camp as a kid, or have been on a retreat as a youth or adult, you’ll know what I mean. You enter in to a different world.

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A Welcome letter from our Healing Care Canada President - Liz Honeyford

"Terry and this ministry came alongside of me at a time when I, as a pastor, was ready to quit ministry all together. There was no shame put on me for struggling. No one wagged their theological finger at me. Neither did anyone give me a magic pill or a special word from God.I was given a safe warm place to feel my feelings and work out who God had created me to be."

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