Unshakable Certainty Virtual Seminar

  • 1 Nov 2021
  • 15 Dec 2021


  • If you have been asked to be a caregiver for this event, please use the provided code to register


Here in Ontario all the signs of summer’s end are written in the leaves, the cool nights and the changing shadows.  I always feel a wave of sadness and anticipation at this time of year.  Sadness as the precious lazy days of summer come to an end.  Anticipation as the cooler days mean sweater weather is officially here!!!

Anticipation this year for another reason too!  Through the month of November we are running another seminar!  It is my personal favourite as each time I listen to this particular teaching from Terry Wardle, my heart is stirred towards a deeper and better understanding of ALL that Jesus did and does for me.

The Seminar is called Unshakeable Certainty.  It is a journey into IDENTITY, that rock solid place of security that Jesus ensured (and insures!) for us.   If you struggle with the insecurity of “am I good enough”, or shame from your past, guilt in your present, questions of worth and fear of your future, then UNSHAKEABLE CERTAINTY is for you!

Once you register, you will have access to the videos, the listening guide and a few extra teachings by Terry until December 15th.

There are 6 videos of teaching.  In order to enhance your experience of this Seminar we are also offering you a small group experience.   The small group experience is primarily to give you an opportunity to be listened to, ask questions and to listen to others.  It will not have extra materials or information.   Think “connection group” as opposed to “experiential group”.

There are 2 different small groups for you to register into.  Small group #1 is for Videos 1-3.  Small group #2 is for Videos 4-6

Small group #1
Saturday Nov 6 @ 1-3pm
Monday Nov 8 @ 2-4pm
Wednesday Nov 10 @ 10-12 (noon)
Thursday Nov. 11 @ 6:30-8:30pm

Small group #2
Saturday Nov 20 @ 1-3pm
Monday Nov 22 @ 2-4pm
Wednesday Nov 24 @ 10-12 (noon)
Thursday Nov 25 @ 6:30-8:30pm

The price for this Seminar is $200 for a non group option and $225 for the small group options.  

Spread the word around!  Encourage your friends, family, leadership teams and anyone who looks beaten down by life to sign up!!!

This Seminar is a perspective changer and a kingdom grower!!!

Hope to see you virtually during the month of November!!!

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