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"This ministry exists to empower Christians for the journey, equip Caregivers to help those in need and position the broken for healing encounters in Christ"

— Terry Wardle

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August 28, 2020 6-9pm

Join Anne Halley for a virtual seminar where we will be invited to consider the intersection of love, healing, and development.

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*This event is being hosted by Healing Care US and all prices are in USD

Latest President's Message

A Taste of Thrive

I am so excited and SO wanting each of you to register for the Taste of Thrive event coming next week. As you know, it has had some hiccups along the way! We originally booked a four day Seminar in St. Catherine’s with Anne Halley. Then Covid came (and stayed like an unwelcome skunk under a back deck!!!).

However, Anne’s heart and message is a message I believe we NEED. As God’s people, as leaders, counsellors, teachers, parents or friends, we need to learn more about how to truly reach the sacred and scarred places within ourselves and one another. We need to understand how God made the brain to connect to others and how vital that connection is to our health.

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