Welcome to Healing Care Canada

"This ministry exists to empower Christians for the journey, equip Caregivers to help those in need and position the broken for healing encounters in Christ"

— Terry Wardle

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Are you looking for more equipping and a way to connect with your Healing Care peers?

Check out this flyer with some information on two half-day workshops, presented by Healing Care Canada president, Liz Honeyford, and find food for your soul. If you are involved as a Healing Care Group caregiver/facilitator or intercessor or are considering it for the future, this training is life-giving!

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I am VERY excited to let you know what is happening in the Niagara Region April 29 to May 2 at Northend Church, St Catharines.  Dr Anne Halley will be HERE!!!!

We would love to have you join us for this unique time of teaching and ministry.  Anne’s compassion, coupled with her expertise in the area of brain disorders, PTSD, attachment, anxiety and addiction are what make her a unique presenter.

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Update: Born to Thrive and Healing Care Canada


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