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Welcome to Healing Care Canada

"This ministry exists to empower Christians for the journey, equip Caregivers to help those in need and position the broken for healing encounters in Christ"

— Terry Wardle

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messages from the executive director

We have been approved as a Charity within Canada which means that Healing Care Canada can begin to receive donations and give you a tax receipt for those donations. We have been working towards this goal for a few years and now sense that we truly are at the beginning of reaching Canada and beyond with the good news that Jesus can bring healing to all parts of our lives, including our past AND that He uses wounded healers to bring that healing to others.

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November 2022

Snow, Advent, Christmas and a New Year arriving-it’s so hard to believe that its that time of year again! I want to ask “where does the time fly?”, but actually, I am realizing it does not fly! God has been reminding me that everyday has the same hours and therefore every year has the same minutes, hours, days, weeks, 365! It does not change. David in the Psalms asked God to help him count the days, that his days may count. I find myself there again as I sit on the edge of a New Year.

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Come Away With Me Retreat

March 5 - 12, 2023

*Special Price of $1500 for first 8 people to register!!

The Come Away With Me Retreat is a seven day group retreat providing individual and group care.

We all need genuine connection. We were designed by God to be known and loved, cherished and accepted. Yet for many of us, our deep longing for connection has often led to pain rather than joy.

The Come Away With Me Retreat is designed to provide you with healing experiences by helping you connect with God, your truest self, and others on the journey. All of this is facilitated by our team of compassionate and highly trained caregivers.

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Slingstones PODCAST 

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Savor Grace

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