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What Matters

These values represent our deepest commitments, guiding principals and serve as our foundation to the glory of God and the good of others.

Journey Matters

We believe that Christian formation is a spirit-driven process that enables believers to live out of their true identity as children of God.

Identity Matters

God's grace has secured believers in their identity as children of God and given them an inheritance that will not spoil or fade. Identity security is ours by faith in Christ, not earned or lost because of good or bad performance.

Growth Matters

Life-long learning is essential for leaders who serve people seeking healing and christian formation. Leadership in formational prayer, spiritual direction, and ministry development demands a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Brokenness matters

We serve a wounded healer who meets us in our deepest brokenness. Once we encounter his healing power in the places of our pain, Jesus uses our wounds as a vehicle of healing in the lives of others.

Connection Matters

Deep commitments to Christian community are required by those leading and is a value that enables us to maintain faithful, responsible, and healthy contributions to the ministry God has given us.

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