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Virtual Formational Prayer Seminar

  • 5 Jun 2023
  • 30 Jun 2023


  • If you have been asked to be a caregiver for this event, please use the provided code to register
  • No Small Group - Work at your own pace up to June 30, 2023

The Formational Prayer Seminar is the foundational seminar of Healing Care Canada.  By attending this Seminar you will learn much about yourself, others and God’s incredible gentle healing love.  You will learn how to be a safe person for others.  You will learn about the brain and trauma, empathic caregiving, creating safe spaces, spiritual warfare, emotions and MUCH MORE.  You will learn protocols that will help you connect deeper to Jesus and to others.  You will learn the importance of safe community and how necessary community is to our overall healing journey.  And, you will learn that we are ALL (yes ALL) on a healing journey! 

This Seminar is designed with small groups in mind and therefore we have created 5 options for you to join as part of the Seminar.  You must choose 1 option and plan to be at all 4 “Labs”.  In each Lab you will have opportunity to practice the protocols, process what you are hearing and play with the material a bit.  Each small group time is 2 hours maximum.  Please register for the small group time that works best for you. There is also one option to forego the small group and work at your own pace.

With your registration you will have access to the teachings for a month.  Your small group leader will advise a schedule to help you listen to the teaching and be prepared for your small group.  Please allow time to listen to the teaching!  You will need several hours to sit and listen, with your listening Guide (also available to you) and to allow the Spirit to lead you and teach you.

Once you have registered and paid, you will receive a password to the Portal.  Once on the Portal you can explore, download the PDF, start listening to the Teachings.

We are SO excited about this opportunity for YOU, for others, for Canada.

Please pass the good word on!!!

Let the registrations begin!!!

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